Celebrity Laundry

Starring: Angelina Jolie as the homewrecker, Brad Pitt sunbathing nude, Jennifer Aniston as America's sweetheart, Britney Spears as fashionably challenged, Kevin Federline as the moocher, Jessica Simpson as the ditzy blond, Nick Lachey as the transvestite, Tom Cruise as the crack head Scientologist and Katie Holmes as his fake pregnant fiance.

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Katie & Tom Show

Look at this! Finally we have proof that Tom is just the ventriloquist and Katie Holmes is his puppet. I bet he uses the trick they used on Mr. Ed, the talking horse from the old tv series. They used to stick a carrot up his ass to make his lips move and then they would put words in his mouth.

This explains it! Katie hasn't gone crazy, it's certainly not pregnancy hormones since we all know the pregnancy is a sham. Tom has used some kind of power he picked up from an L Ron Hubbard book to make her say whatever he wants!


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