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Monday, January 09, 2006

Brad Pitt and adopted daughter Zahara

Brad looks like a freak in this picture with those sunglasses and oversized hat, reminds me of one of the Olson twins. That said, his adopted daughter Zahara is ADORABLE! Let's just hope they don't totally screw her up. Poor thing, adopted by a couple attention whores with no morals.

The supermarket tabloids and gossip blogs are ablaze with rumors that Angelina and Brad are getting married any minute now. Angelina was supposedly seen shopping for jewerly before Christmas, and their point is? Celebs are seen shopping for bling all the time, that doesn't mean they're getting hitched people.

I think that getting married is just too big of a step right now. I mean they have barely admitted to being a couple in public! By the way I think that speaks volumes for their relationship. They should be ashamed of themselves but I'm surprised that even though the cat is out of the bag the most they do in public is hold hands and go shopping. Passionate relationship? Doesn't look like it. No, I don't think they're secure enough to make a huge commitment. I wouldn't be if I were Angelina, I mean Brad did cheat on his last wife, once a cheater always a cheater.Finally, Brad has vowed to be there for the children even if they break up. They're not even confident that they will be able to stay together long enough to raise these children to adulthood! Poor Maddox and Zahara. Oh well, all that moolah will pay for years of retail therapy alah Paris Hilton.


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